RTS Schools Update

  • 04.01.2021 / Istanbul location is open from 4th of January 2021

    – Our Istanbul location is opened and started lessons from 4th of January 2021.
    – Click here for online enrolment form: https://www.royalturkish.com/enrolment/
  • 27.12.2020 / Covid test Restriction to enter Turkey

    – Starting from 30.12.2020: all international passengers over six years old arriving in Turkey via air travel will have to present a negative PCR test result within the last 72 hours.

    – Transfer flight passengers also should show a negative test result if they need to reclaim their baggage or enter the country for any reason (non-connecting flights).

    – Transfer flight passengers do not have to give test result if they stay in-transit area and not leaving it till their next flight ( connecting flights)

    – Tourists from South Africa, or Denmark should declare their residency address and stay in isolation for at least seven days in Turkey in addition to the negative PCR test result.

    – Tourists from United Kingdom are temporarily not allowed to enter Turkey.

  • 20.11.2020 / Group classes are online until 31.12.2020

    The Turkish government has announced that “all group lessons” for schools will continue via distance learning through December 31. We will start face to face group courses again on 4th of January 2021. All face to face courses continue private at school and group classes will be online. Our admission office is open from Monday to Friday between 9:00-17:00 for assitance and enrolments.

  • 30.10.2020 / Izmir location is temporarely closed

    Izmir location is temporarily closed. We have groups and private Turkish courses in our Istanbul location.

  • 14.09.2020 / Antalya location is closed

    We closed our Antalya location. We have groups and private Turkish courses in our Istanbul and Izmir locations.

  • 10.09.2020 / Izmir location is open from 14th of September 2020

    – Our Izmir location is opened and started lessons from 14th of September 2020.
    – Online enrolment form: https://www.royalturkish.com/enrolment/
  • 10.06.2020 / Flights from and to Turkey starts on 11th of June 2020

    – Anadolujet starts flights from and to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen and Ankara to 11 destinations:
    Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, London, Brussels, Paris and Vienna
  • 01.06.2020 / Istanbul location is open from 1st of June 2020

    – Our Istanbul location is opened and started lessons from 1st of June 2020.
    – Quick booking page for standard and intensive group courses in Istanbul: https://www.royalturkish.com/istanbul/
    – Online enrolment form: https://www.royalturkish.com/enrolment/
  • 27.03.2020 / All international flights are stopped.

    Turkey stopped all international flights.

  • 20.03.2020 / Curfew for 65+, youngsters

    On 21 March, the Ministry of Interior announced a total curfew for those who are over the age 65 or chronically ill.

  • 17.03.2020 / Schools are temporarily closed

    Antalya, Istanbul and Izmir locations are temporarily closed. All courses continue online.