Terms and conditions

  1. Registration and confirmation

All bookings received by RTS Royal Schools Dil Okulları Eğitim Danışmanlık Limited Şirketi (“RTS – Royal Turkish Schools”) by post, e-mail or telephone and online registrations will be deemed to be valid. By signing and returning the application form the participant is agreeing to enter into a binding contract with RTS – Royal Turkish Schools. Confirmation of the booking will be made within a maximum of 5 working days following receipt of a valid booking (if the course booked is available).  We recommend that you book your flight/train ticket once you have received your booking confirmation from our admissions centre. Once this booking confirmation has been issued, a legally binding contract based on these terms and conditions will be formed between the participant and RTS – Royal Turkish Schools subject to the participant meeting all applicable immigration requirements. Where the registered person is an adult, that person will become a contract partner of RTS – Royal Turkish Schools. Where the registered person is not an adult, their parent/guardian will become the contract partner of RTS – Royal Turkish Schools. In that event, the parent/guardian must sign the contract and give their correct address and contact details. The person who is contractually registered to a language course will become a “participant”, designated as such below. The person who signs the contract (either the participant themselves or, where the person is a minor, their parent/guardian) will be identified as a “contract partner”, designated as such below.

  1. Information provided at the time of registration

The contract partner expressly declares that the information provided at the time of registration for a language course is true and accurate. Any inaccurate information or omission may lead to immediate expulsion from the course (for example, if an “absolute beginner” overestimates their level of linguistic ability in order to be able to start a course on a date other than the official commencement date for “absolute beginners”). In that event, the costs of the course will not be refundable, either in whole or in part. At the time of enrolment, participants are required to take a compulsory language test after confirming their booking. RTS – Royal Turkish Schools reserves the right to refuse the booking if the participant fails to take the compulsory language test. RTS – Royal Turkish Schools cannot guarantee that a participant will be placed in a class at their appropriate aptitude level if the participant does not take the placement test.

  1. Application Fees

RTS – Royal Turkish Schools will charge EUR 35 Application Fee for each booking. This fee is non-refundable. In the event of late registration (being one week or less before the commencement date of the relevant language course), participants will be charged an extra fee of EUR 35 for express processing of their booking.

  1. Changes to booking

Prior to your departure

For every change requested prior to the start of the course, there will be an administration charge of EUR 30 to be paid on top of any price difference from the original booking dates to the new ones.

Following your departure

Following your departure, if you decide to shorten or change the course initially booked, you will not be entitled to a refund. If you would like to change your type of accommodation or make any other change, please contact our admissions department. Please note that extra fees may apply to any changes made to the original booking.

RTS – Royal Turkish Schools is not obliged to fulfil any change request. If changing to a location (or changing course) where fees are lower prior to the course start date, the difference in fees will be refunded. If the change occurs after the course commencement date, there will be no refund of the difference. If changing to a more expensive location or course, the difference in fees will be charged. All changes are subject to RTS – Royal Turkish Schools’s discretion and require approval of the Customer Care team. Participants will not be charged a change fee if they extend their course, but late homestay extensions may require a re-placement fee.

  1. Conditions of payment

The whole amount of your booking must be paid by credit card, bank transfer or cash at the time of enrolment. In the case of non-payment of the balance, your booking may be cancelled by RTS – Royal Turkish Schools (according to the conditions of cancellation mentioned in point 8). Your file containing all your course and accommodation information will be sent to you by email usually 7 to 10 days prior to your departure date providing we have received full payment of your programme.

In case the student needs to apply for a visa (minimum 6 months course): we may need to receive the whole amount of the course in order to send the invitation letter. After the availability confirmation from the school, we will confirm your enrolment. Once we have received the total payment, we will send you the invitation letter to apply for the visa. Please take into account that if you need the original letter of acceptance to be sent by post to your home address, additional costs may apply.

Fees will become payable immediately on receipt by the participant/contract partner of their confirmation of booking as follows:

–        the Application Fee of EUR 30 (which is additional to the cost of the language course); and

–        payment of the course, accommodation and any extra activities.

Neither the course nor the accommodation will be deemed to have been paid for unless the relevant amount has been received into the account details provided by RTS – Royal Turkish Schools upon confirmation of registration.

Payment of fees can be made online by credit card through Iyzico or by bank transfer.

  1. Payment period

In the event that the payment periods specified by RTS – Royal Turkish Schools in the confirmation are not complied with, the contract partner will be held liable. In such circumstances, RTS – Royal Turkish Schools reserves the right to refuse the participant entry to the course. No claims will be accepted by RTS – Royal Turkish Schools that arise from the contract partner’s failure to comply with the payment periods communicated to the contract partner.

  1. Proof of payment

Participants may be asked to provide documentary proof of payment of the full fee for their course and accommodation either before or on commencement of the language course. Failure to do so may mean that entry to both the course and the accommodation will be refused. In the case of late registration, RTS – Royal Turkish Schools will ask for proof before sending the pre-arrival documentation.

  1. Cancellation

Concerning language studies

  1. a) A potential cancellation needs to be notified by email. If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days prior to your departure, a fee of EUR 300 will be invoiced to you. Insurance fees will be also invoiced.

  1. b) If your cancellation occurs less than 30 days prior to your departure, you will be charged cancellation fees of a minimum of EUR 300 or the following fees:

– From 29 to 15 days prior to the departure: 20% of the program will be invoiced.

– From 14 to 8 days prior to the departure: 40% of the program will be invoiced.

– From 7 to 1 days prior to the departure: 80% of the program will be invoiced.

– From the rest day of your stay or in the case of an early return, no refund will be granted.

Insurance fees will be always be invoiced and therefore are not refundable.

Concerning accommodation

Student residences/apartments/studios/hotel rooms are subject to the terms and conditions of cancellation of the various local service providers used by our schools, and the cancellation fees are generally higher than for host families. Detailed terms and conditions of cancellation are available on request.

  1. Cancellation insurance

RTS – Royal Turkish Schools recommends that contract partners take out a cancellation insurance policy. In the event that the participant has taken out cancellation insurance and then cancels their course, they will be responsible for notifying their insurers. Under no circumstances will a cancellation insurance policy render RTS – Royal Turkish Schools liable for non-reimbursement of a course.

  1. Termination

‘Termination’ means stopping or leaving all or part of the course or courses booked, or reduction in weekly lessons, including extensions, once the first course has started.

When determining the number of weeks completed, a partial week will be counted as a whole week, provided the student was present at least one day during the scheduled week. Used weeks of discounted tuition and accommodation packages will be charged at the full brochure weekly rate when any refund is calculated.

In all cases additional service charges (e.g. airport transfers, courier fees, application fees, medical insurance, program supplement fee, etc.) are non-refundable and written notification of termination must be given to the Customer Care team. Students who terminate their program may not be eligible to receive an RTS – Royal Turkish Schools certificate and will not be allowed to stay in RTS – Royal Turkish Schools accommodation.


Students wishing to terminate must give 4 weeks’ written notice to the Student Support Manager. No refunds will be made for tuition. Tuition fees are non-transferable to other students.


In order to terminate their accommodation contract, students must give at least 4 weeks’ notice in writing to the Student Support Service. The student acknowledges that some hostels and apartments require more notice and may charge a higher cancellation fee – where this is the case it will be notified to the student.

A refund will be made of the unused accommodation fee less the applicable notice period of 4 weeks and the applicable change fee. Refunds will be calculated based on the total accommodation weeks booked, including periods of extension. Used weeks of discounted accommodation packages will be charged at the full brochure weekly rate when any refund is calculated.

Some residential options may have additional terms and conditions relating to reservation cancellation, including minimum notice period; these will be included in any refund calculation.

All refunds must be paid to the original payer’s bank account or credit card and cannot be made to any other person.

  1. Passports and student visa

The participant will be responsible for complying with the security regulations, the regulations governing the obtaining of a visa, and the health regulations required to enter and stay in Turkey (as applicable). Under no circumstances will RTS – Royal Turkish Schools be held liable for any notice of refusal to enter or stay in Turkey given to a participant. Information relating to the regulations governing security, health and obtaining a visa can be obtained from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the participant’s home country. No reimbursement will be made, either in full or in part, in the event that a participant is refused permission to enter or stay in Turkey as a result of their own fault or conduct. RTS – Royal Turkish Schools will provide a letter of invitation to the participant to assist with the visa application following receipt of all the costs of the language course from the participant/contract partner.

Participants who would like to obtain a student visa have to enrol in our Istanbul location for 6-month course at least. Payments are requested to be made in advance. Only in case of visa refusal with offical paper RTS – Royal Turkish Schools deducts 10% from the tuition and reimburses the remaining amount. If there is no official paper issued by the Turkish Embassy (as applicable), school will keep the whole tuition fee.

Participants can attend the course from 1 week up to 48 weeks if participants are allowed to stay in Turkey or have an entry, tourist visa. To attend short duration courses participants can enter Turkey with a valid tourist visa and join our language courses. If participants would like to take the course for 6 months or more, participants need to apply for a student visa to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the participant’s home country. It is not possible to come to Turkey with tourist visa and change it to student resident permit. After receiving the tuition fee RTS – Royal Turkish Schools send visa documents for participant to apply for a student visa at the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the participant’s home country.

  1. Accident/health insurance

Every participant will be solely responsible for obtaining accident and health insurance cover valid for Turkey for the whole duration of their stay. This insurance is mandatory during a participant’s study at RTS – Royal Turkish Schools.

  1. Conditions of admission into Turkey

You are responsible of obtaining the information about Turkey’s entry requirements, the documentation and visas needed to travel, healthcare, vaccinations, local laws and customs, etc. You are responsible for respecting all the major instructions concerning your journey.

If you fail to do so, the fees, in particular the cancellation fees, will be at your charge, except if it is due to incorrect information from RTS – Royal Turkish Schools.

RTS will not be held responsible in case the student is denied a visa or is not allowed to enter the country.

Please note minor students travelling alone or with an adult who is not their legal guardian may be required an extra (official) document signed by their parents, second parent or legal guardian(s) authorizing them to travel. Each country decides if it requires the child to have an official authorization from their parent(s) or guardian. It’s the parents /legal guardian’s responsibility to check, before the child travels, the requirements of the country the minor student is travelling both to and from.

  1. Reserved rights of the school

RTS – Royal Turkish Schools reserve the right to refuse an enrolment or to expel a participant if their behavior detracts from the smooth running of the program, if it contradicts the rules of the school or if it breaks the law of the host country. All fees, including the return journey, fines, etc. are at the expense of the participant or of the parents. The participants, or their legal guardians, are also responsible for any damages or losses caused during their stay.

Changes to programme by school

The student acknowledges and agrees that the school may change the structure and content of an advertised programme in order to comply with local rules around health and safety and in order to protect the health, safety and well-being of students. These changes may include, but are not limited to:

– Changes in how a particular programme is delivered, for example moving from classroom-based teaching to online teaching;

– Reducing class sizes; or

– Cancellation or substitution of specific activities

RTS – Royal Turkish Schools will not be liable for any changes made by school.

  1. Customs of Turkey

The student must adapt to the way of life and customs of Turkey.

The student agrees to respect differences, considering race, culture, religion, sex, beliefs, or even disabilities. Not only is it important in an increasingly globalized world, but it prepares us to be in solidarity, to value and learn from others, to be tolerant and respectful, and to avoid making decisions based on prejudice and stereotypes. The consumer agrees to respect the laws of the destination country.

Upon registration, you agree to attend class and respect the prohibitions of consumption of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

In the event you do not comply with the laws of the destination, the school reserves the right to expel you from the program. In such case, the student will assume the expenses originated by the early return.

  1. Damage caused by participants / civil liability

Prior to arrival at RTS – Royal Turkish Schools, each participant must take out a policy of insurance to cover any loss/damage which they may cause during the course of their stay. In any event, and even if a participant does not feel that it is appropriate for them to take out such insurance, the participant and/or contract partner shall remain liable for any losses, expenses and claims suffered or incurred by RTS – Royal Turkish Schools, its commercial partners and any other third party caused by the conduct of the participant unless such losses, expenses or claims are attributable to any act or omission of RTS – Royal Turkish Schools.

  1. Obligations of participants

Participants are required to attend the course and to arrive on time. They are responsible for choosing a course which is appropriate for their level of capability. Failure to attend the course, or irregular attendance, or any disruption to lessons caused by an individual participant’s behaviour will entitle RTS – Royal Turkish Schools to expel the participant. The same sanction may apply to inappropriate behaviour in the place of accommodation offered by RTS – Royal Turkish Schools. RTS – Royal Turkish Schools will not refund or pay compensation for any part of the missed course or accommodation or any additional travel costs incurred caused by a participant’s expulsion.

  1. Accommodation: Arrivals and departures

All accommodation is booked from the Sunday before the course start date until the Saturday morning after the course end date, unless otherwise advised. A partial week may be counted as 1 week’s accommodation. Check-in times and check-out times are included on the fact sheet for your chosen accommodation unless special arrangements have been made with the accommodation provider or an alternative check-in/check-out time is noted in your booking confirmation. Students arriving between 22:30 – 06:00 may be asked to book alternative accommodation in a hotel on their first night due to late/early arrival at accommodation, or be charged an extra night of accommodation. Students wishing to book an extra night on arrival (for Saturday arrivals) and/or on departure (for Sunday departures) can do so at a rate that is 25% of the weekly accommodation rate for their chosen accommodation.

The contact details of the host family (name, telephone, full address) will be communicated to you by email 10 to 7 days prior to your departure. It is possible that a last-minute change can take place for reasons beyond our control. Requests concerning the distance from the school, the presence of children and the presence of domestic animals are not guaranteed. If you require a special diet, follow medical treatment or suffers from any allergies, our Admissions Centre must be informed before the start of the program so that the school can guarantee suitable accommodation.

When it comes to accommodation, RTS – Royal Turkish Schools is committed to asking all the students’ preferences. However, we cannot guarantee them in all cases, since we depend on the availability of families, residences and apartments at the time of booking. RTS – Royal Turkish Schools will do its best to avoid placing client in a host family where students of the same mother tongue already reside. However, during high season periods (June, July and August) it cannot be guaranteed.

Similarly, the distance between homestay accommodation and the school may be greater than the average indicated in our catalog or our website, during high season or in reservations made shortly before the beginning of the course.

Some accommodations may have supplements for students with special diets (food intolerances, celiac disease, etc.), as well as for stays that include holidays or certain periods such as Christmas, New Year, etc.

  1. Duration of lessons

All language lessons are 45 minutes in duration unless otherwise stated. Courses run from Monday to Friday and lessons are scheduled in the morning or the afternoon. RTS – Royal Turkish Schools cannot guarantee a specific timetable.

  1. Substitution policy

If, after taking the placement test, a participant is found to be at a level which is not appropriate for their booked course, the school reserves the right to place the participant in an appropriate level class, which may have fewer lessons and a different curriculum. Participants who do not have the ability to follow any course on offer may be required to terminate their studies with RTS – Royal Turkish Schools. We also reserve the right to cancel courses at short notice due to insufficient demand.

  1. Course changes

RTS – Royal Turkish Schools has the right to change accommodation options, course dates, course curricula, instructors, locations and courses at any time at its discretion.

  1. Prices

RTS – Royal Turkish Schools may change prices due to tax increases, governmental actions or any other event or circumstance beyond RTS – Royal Turkish Schools’s reasonable control or circumstances that may affect the operations of the business.

  1. Learning materials

All learning materials will be made available to participants during their course and are included in the enrolment fee.

  1. Late arrival

In order to avoid disturbing the class, any participant who arrives more than 15 minutes late should wait for the break before joining the class.

  1. Meals and classes missed

No refunds or substitutions will be made for meals or classes missed due to public holidays, exams, excursions, internships (if applicable), first day orientation or other obligations that fall outside the normal schedule.

  1. Inconsistent attendance

Any participant who does not attend all of the classes which make up the language course will not be entitled to any reimbursement for missed classes. Participants will not be entitled to receive their certificate for completing the course unless they attend at least 80% of the classes.

  1. Complaints

We work hard to ensure that you receive the level of service that you require. However, there may be times when you are not completely happy with the level of service that you receive. All of the staff at RTS – Royal Turkish Schools are available for you to talk to if you have any concerns and we promise to respond to your questions within 24 hours. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the service we provide, please follow the steps listed below in order to seek a solution to the problem.

Step One

Teaching: If you have concerns or worries about your class or learning please talk to your teacher first. After talking to your teacher, if you are still unhappy, please speak to the Director of Studies.

Accommodation: If you have concerns regarding the accommodation service we provide then please talk to the Student Support Manager.

Administration: If you are unhappy with the way your course has been administered e.g. payments, dates, then please speak to the Customer Care Manager.

Step Two

If you are not happy with the answer provided by these staff members, then please raise your concerns with the Manager.

  1. Changes affecting prices, dates or services

Until such time as a participant receives the confirmation of registration, RTS – Royal Turkish Schools may change the dates and prices of language courses published on the internet, brochure or any other communication tools at any time. Following confirmation of registration between RTS – Royal Turkish Schools and the participant, RTS – Royal Turkish Schools may change its programme of services, provided that the changes are minor, unavoidable and do not in any way adversely impact the teaching services to be provided to the participant. In the event that the “key” services provided by RTS – Royal Turkish Schools are affected by major changes, participants may withdraw or apply to join a different course of the same value, if RTS – Royal Turkish Schools is in a position to provide this. RTS – Royal Turkish Schools must notify participants of any changes immediately and participants must notify RTS – Royal Turkish Schools as soon as possible after receipt of such notification of their intention to exercise their rights set out in this clause.

  1. Minimum number of participants

In the event that it is not possible to achieve the minimum number of participants required for a language course (2 persons for a group course), RTS – Royal Turkish Schools will notify the participant and contract partner at least one week prior to the commencement date of the course. If RTS – Royal Turkish Schools is unable to provide an alternative course, RTS – Royal Turkish Schools will undertake to reimburse all fees paid to date by the participant/contract partner. Under no circumstances will RTS – Royal Turkish Schools pay compensation for any inconvenience or loss of time. In the event that none of the courses are appropriate for the participant’s level of ability, RTS – Royal Turkish Schools reserves the right to substitute the group course for private tuition and adapt the number of lessons accordingly. The number of hours of private tuition will depend on the amount paid by the participant and the number of participants.

  1. Activities

Depending on the weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the control of RTS – Royal Turkish Schools and its organisation, RTS – Royal Turkish Schools reserves the right to cancel one or more of the scheduled activities available at each school. In that event, RTS – Royal Turkish Schools undertakes to substitute the cancelled activities with a suitable alternative activity.

  1. Public holidays

The contract partner acknowledges that schools are generally closed on local public holidays, and acknowledges that this will not give rise to any claim for compensation against RTS – Royal Turkish Schools for missed lessons or otherwise.

  1. Force majeure:

RTS – Royal Turkish Schools shall not be in breach of these terms and conditions nor liable for delay in performing, or failure to perform, any of its obligations under this agreement if such delay or failure result from events, circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to: fire; natural disaster; acts of government; failure of suppliers or sub-contractors; labour disputes or civil unrest; criminal, terrorist or threatened terrorist activities of any kind; pandemics and other public health emergencies; any negligent or wilful act or failure to act by any third party; or any other cause beyond the direct control of RTS – Royal Turkish Schools (each a “Force Majeure Event”).

Where any course is cancelled by RTS – Royal Turkish Schools as a result of a Force Majeure Event, it is acknowledged that: 

  • RTS – Royal Turkish Schools has the right to retain a pro-rated amount of any fees paid where services have been partially provided. Any fees retained will be proportionate to the services provided;

  • RTS – Royal Turkish Schools shall be entitled to deduct any irrecoverable fees it suffers from the amount of any refund, for example cancellation fees or similar;

  • RTS – Royal Turkish Schools shall have the right to provide a substitute course to the cancelled course, including online and virtual alternatives; and

  • Any third party services procured by RTS – Royal Turkish Schools on behalf of the participant, including but not limited to accommodation, transfers or insurance shall remain subject to the terms of the respective provider’s terms and RTS – Royal Turkish Schools shall not be liable for such third party services or any act or omission of such third party.

  1. Liability

To the extent permitted by law, the liability of RTS – Royal Turkish Schools, its group companies, their directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents and partners with respect to losses arising from negligence, breach of contract or otherwise will be limited in all circumstances to the full amount paid to RTS – Royal Turkish Schools for the particular language course. Such companies and persons will in no circumstances have any liability for indirect or consequential losses or damages. Under no circumstances can RTS – Royal Turkish Schools be held liable for any loss resulting from illness, accident or inconvenience caused by poor service provided by any agent appointed by RTS – Royal Turkish Schools. Furthermore, RTS – Royal Turkish Schools will not be responsible for the loss of any valuables, personal items, money, or other possessions unless such losses arise from the gross negligence of RTS – Royal Turkish Schools.

  1. Safety and security

RTS – Royal Turkish Schools is authorised to take all reasonable action as required to ensure the well-being, safety and good health of the participants. RTS – Royal Turkish Schools is also entitled to take all necessary measures to provide a participant with any appropriate medical care in the event of necessity. Any costs arising from such medical attention will be borne by the participant, or their parent/guardian if they are a minor. A written release/authorisation signed by a participant’s parent or guardian will be required for minors.

  1. Protection of personal data

Your privacy is important to us. It is important that you read our privacy policy which informs you about how we process your personal data. This can be found at: https://www.royalturkish.com/privacy-policy/.

  1. Promotional material

The participant (or where applicable, their parents or guardian) agrees that the participant’s photographs, videos, artwork or other works as well as recorded or written testimonials and details of the participant’s accomplishments may be used worldwide by RTS Royal Schools Dil Okulları Eğitim Danışmanlık Limited Şirketi, or by a third party agent of RTS Royal Schools Dil Okulları Eğitim Danışmanlık Limited Şirketi, for promotional purposes including in its printed and online marketing materials and on any social media network without further consent or notifications. Participants may be photographed and/or filmed during their language course with RTS Royal Schools Dil Okulları Eğitim Danışmanlık Limited Şirketi and they agree to this material being used for RTS Royal Schools Dil Okulları Eğitim Danışmanlık Limited Şirketi worldwide promotional purposes, both printed and online. The participant, or their parent or guardian, also agrees to give consent to RTS Royal Schools Dil Okulları Eğitim Danışmanlık Limited Şirketi to store or transfer across international borders, copies of the participant’s images, videos and testimonials solely for the promotional purposes outlined above. These terms and conditions will be deemed non-applicable only if the participant or their parent or guardian specifically withdraws their consent, in writing, at any time after registration.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Turkish law will apply exclusively to the contractual relationship between RTS – Royal Turkish Schools and the participant and/or contract partner. Jurisdiction will lie with the courts of Istanbul, Turkey.

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