Starting Dates and Prices

Standard and Intensive Courses Starting Dates for Beginners  2018

(The Starting dates below are only for students in the beginner levels. For the other levels, we can always open a class for you every Monday, all year round.)

2nd of January 2018

               16th of July 2018

15th of January 2018

30th of July2018

5th of February 2018

27th of August 2018

19th of February 2018

3rd of September 2018

5th of March 2018

17th of September 2018

19th of March 2018

1st of October 2018

2nd of April 2018

15th of October 2018

16th of April 2018

5th of November 2018

              30th of April 2018

19th of November 2018

               14th of May 2018

3rd of December 2018

              18th of June 2018

17th  of December 2018

2nd of July 2018

7th of January 2018

 ***One-to-one tuition (20 lessons/week) and One-to-one tuition (25 lessons/week) starts every Monday, all year round.

School holidays 2018:

1st May 201814.06.2018 – 17.06.201820.08.2018 – 24.08.2018
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